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Make Your Money Work For You

EAFXCT - multiple choice of innovative automated trading software which works for you around the clock.

Our Strategy is very simple.

We offer our customers the possibility of copying multiple choices of our Expert Advisors which can generate consistent and significant profits on your investments. The customer doesn’t need any previous experience or knowledge in forex or trading.

All our EA’s are passed complete backtesting in MT4 and the tests results show an average monthly return.

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We wish that our clients generate the profit, that’s why we decided not taking any service or management fees. Our policy is simple, SUCCESS FOR ALL!!!   

While we have confidante on our EA we choose to work solely on a success fee. That means; if our EA generate profit, customer will pay the success fee from his profit. NO extra costs.

How it works?

This is very simple. The customer has to register with our partner broker who holds and secures the customer funds, ensuring that only the customer have access to deposit and withdraw from his account. This is the guarantee for our customer that it is our best interest to provide the best EA’s with highest profits possible and allow our company to receive the success fee.

Control of Your Capital

EAFXCT doesn’t hold customers funds, only customer have access and control of his capital.

Other advantages:

  • View all transactions made in real time
  • View full account statements.
  • Access to account from computer or smartphone
  • Possibility to cash in or out at any time

Human Intervention

Expert Advisor software doesn’t need to slow down, rest or take a break. There is no human intervention on trading decision. All the activity in the account is made by the EA who was previously tested on historical statistic data.

The EA is computer programmed software and has no human emotions, works 24 hours a day five days a week, detecting the best market opportunities to place the quality and profitable trade.


In the financial world today, so many people are losing the money while they don’t know how to approach and/or they want to be rich overnight. Our EA’s are programmed to make profits on both the rises and falls of the market and we have on addition implemented many security options to minimizing the probability of totally loss of invested funds. As the backtests showing, our EA’s produce an average annual profit of about 100% net on client’s investments.


Just another fascinating EA possibility is the compounding strategy. Our EA is programmed to compound the generated profit. After each successful trade, the generated profit is added to the customer account. For the next trade EA calculate with the compounded money and the new money situation.

Security & Advantage

EAFXCT works with a third party Brokerage Company. All BC are verified and have the European license to work legally, transparently and liquidity. This holds the customer funds in a highly secured environment. Another advantage is the complete transparency we strive to provide for our customers. On our homepage you can find all EA trading accounts transparently showed.

You have access to myfxbook or fxstat to view complete history of trades. Another advantage of our company is the personal support via email or Telegram Group.

Click here to view all LIVE accounts.

You do not need to have any knowledge of trading, just register & copy the master EA of your choice.

Account creating

Create Account

Step 1

The first step is open an account at the partner brokerage

Step 2

Verify your account

You can verify your account by uploading the necessary documents which appear on your brokerage dashboard.

Step 3

Open the Trading account

Please follow the explication on our homepage

Step 4

Deposit Funds

You can choose to fund your account using various methods such as; credit card, wire/bank transfer, crypto currency, skrill and more.

Step 5

Connect your account to the EA of your choice

Please follow the explication on our homepage

Step 6

Hurray! You are ready to make the profits.

Step 7

Install MT4 on your device

Please follow the explication on our homepage

Total Control

Track your account in real-time on MT4.

Build your own Financial Plan

Learn about trading on our homepage.

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Our reply mail reaches you at the latest within the next few hours and contains a detailed guide that describes the further course of action even to a layman.

We look forward to your arrival in our team

Disclaimer/Risk Warning


❗❗Disclaimer and Risk Warning❗❗

You must be eighteen (18) years and have the legal ability to agree to this Disclaimer

Trading on the stock market and financial products such as stocks, currencies, commodities, etc., offers traders of above-average profitability. However, this also involves a significant risk of losing the funds invested. There is also the possibility of losing the entire invested capital. In addition, theoretically, depending on the broker, even additional claims may arise in the context of additional financing obligations.

So the capital to be used to trade financial products must be the capital that YOU DO NOT need for life and you can afford to lose. Make sure that you fully understand the risks associated with trading financial products.

Keep in mind that historical trading results do not provide positive results for the future. EAFXCT waive any liability for potential and / or realized losses in trading financial products.

EAFXCT are not approved financial advisors and do not PROVIDE any financial advice. Please note that you are fully responsible for your trading account.

EAFXCT do not assume responsibility for third party products and services – such as brokers or payment processors. Please note the terms and conditions of the broker.

The results achieved are not a guarantee of future results. We recommend you to use strategies and autotraders exclusively on demo accounts. EAFXCT do not assume any responsibility for any financial damage that might arise.

The content of the website is not a general or personal investment advice.

Use of the site will constitute your agreement to the following terms and conditions:

1.) I am 18 years of age or older
2.) I accept all responsibility for my own actions; and
3.) I agree that I am legally bound to these Terms and Conditions