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Bitcoin investment


Trading with cryptocurrencies

In order to step with time, we have decided to offer you the investment with cryptocurrencies. The most traders are so-called professionals who just want to fool people through scam programs. It was difficult for us to find a quality and safe partner who will offer quality and successful services in the long run.

Most crypto traders are located somewhere in Asia and for us it is risky because it is difficult to arrange personal contact with them. When it’s about money, contact with a person who manages him or his representative is very important because only in this way can we look more closely and deeper into his offer and convince himself of the truth.

So we have search and found a trading company dealing with trading in cryptocurrency as well as forex trading.

After 6 months of testing, we have decided to offer you a real company owned by Austrian/Europeen CEO. Their marketing partners are always available and ready to help. Falcoon is in the German Facebook group “Scam Army“, which reveals a scam company, labeled as a safe company that does not intend to deceive investors.


Falcoon has developed special software with which you can independently, quickly and profit under serious conditions to manage capital, invest and pay profits.

This software, including Falcoon’s experts, was entrusted to Prince de Heidendorf Asset Management. Through this collaboration, users of Prince de Heidendorf Asset Management can use it for free.

Falcoon currently offers 2 investment opportunities.

  • Falcoon Crypto Investment
  • Falcoon Forex

With Falcoon Wings you are participating in the comprehensive Crypto Trading Plan i
You earn 0.81-1.2% refunds per day up to 140% of the wings purchased.

With Falcoon BTC Elements you receive a refund between 180% and 220% in year.


With Forex Trading by Falcoon you can invest 500 € or more. Potential monthly refunds are 1 – 3%. Inserted amount is blocked for minimum 1 month.

Falcoon Presentation

Falcoon Presentation 2018 EN


The investment requirement at Falcoon is the Blue Pack at Revtecs Network.

What does that mean?

This means that you must first register with the Austrian company Revtecs Network and purchase a Blue Package that gives you the right to investment with Falcoon. The package costs about 350€ but gives us unlimited access to Falcoon Crypto and Forex Trading.

Another possibility of copytrading with cryptocurrency that we can recommend is our RobocopFX BTC or BTC Multiplicator

Do you want to join as FALCOON PARTNER?

You can do it easily. Click on the button below.


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Trading on the stock market and financial products such as stocks, currencies, commodities, etc., offers traders of above-average profitability. However, this also involves a significant risk of losing the funds invested. There is also the possibility of losing the entire invested capital. In addition, theoretically, depending on the broker, even additional claims may arise in the context of additional financing obligations.

So the capital to be used to trade financial products must be the capital that YOU DO NOT need for life and you can afford to lose. Make sure that you fully understand the risks associated with trading financial products.

Keep in mind that historical trading results do not provide positive results for the future. EAFXCT waive any liability for potential and / or realized losses in trading financial products.

EAFXCT are not approved financial advisors and do not PROVIDE any financial advice. Please note that you are fully responsible for your trading account.

EAFXCT do not assume responsibility for third party products and services – such as brokers or payment processors. Please note the terms and conditions of the broker.

The results achieved are not a guarantee of future results. We recommend you to use strategies and autotraders exclusively on demo accounts. EAFXCT do not assume any responsibility for any financial damage that might arise.

The content of the website is not a general or personal investment advice.

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